Atfield Technologies delivers solutions for data-driven management of vineyards. Our platform Winessense® combines advanced data modelling with tailor-made hardware to address the key challenges in sustainable viticulture. Established in 2017, by founders with decades of multidisciplinary experience across different industries, the company focuses on technologies enabling efficient growth of high-quality permanent crops.


Winessense® is a set of digital tools that enable winemakers and vineyard managers to maximize quality and output from each microsite during consecutive seasons, while continuously managing risks. At Atfield we believe that viticulture is a personal thing, and not just a matter of work, but а matter of passion and dedication. All owners adore their vineyards – we have sewn the same relationship into our product.


Full traceability of local weather conditions during each season, as an input for optimization of the winemaking process.

Actionable insights to identify and manage critical segments of vineyards with right actions at the right time.

Save up to 100h of labor per hectare each season in monitoring vineyards and improve the efficiency of vineyard management.

Become more sustainable by leveraging grape vine disease prediction models and growth indexes in daily operations.


Easily installable, fully automated, wireless and powered by solar energy, our sensors measure air temperature and humidity, precipitation and wind parameters. Deployed as a dense network, they enable individual tracking of conditions at a configurable number of microsites.


Continuous tracking of relevant weather conditions at a microsite level through a network of sensors enables utilization of mechanistic and machine learning models to derive growth indexes, disease predictions and quality estimates that are fully trained for a particular location.


Mobile app allows for continuous remote access to all the parameters and models within the system. Alerts and notifications served through the app facilitate on demand actions in the field.


Q1: What are the benefits of using the WINESSENSE platform?

WINESSENSE helps you to track the most important parameters of every micro-site in your vineyard. The platform uses complex mathematical models to analyze data from the field and evaluate real disease pressures, which can help you organize actions and activities in your vineyard throughout the whole season.

The platform automatically collects measurements of climate parameters in a single diary, accessible through a mobile app, and calculates main viticulture indices that will help you improve daily decisions. You will get more accurate predictions of the most important diseases, and be able to capture variations within your vineyard, so you can pay more attention to problematic sites.

Q2: What makes WINESSENSE different from other solutions?

WINESSENSE is unique as it combines a dense network of sensors that accurately collect climate parameters from every micro-location with an advanced analytics engine. We use the collected data to feed complex algorithms that track all phases in the development of your grapes and the pathogens, so you get a prediction on diseases earlier and with a precise location.

Our network of sensors uses a very efficient radio technology that enables the sensors to be autonomous, compact and very simple to install and maintain. The accuracy of measurements and the accuracy of the algorithm make the predictions made by WINESSENSE very reliable, allowing you to count on an improved yield.

Q3: Why are micro-locations so relevant? Could the variations in temperature and humidity be that high?

Vineyards are often on hilly terrains, and variations in air temperature and relative humidity are much higher than you would expect. It is very common that in Europe you can have 6-9 degrees Celsius and 40-50% relative humidity difference at distances below 200 meters. We have examined this phenomenon in more detail in our blog post.

Q4: For which diseases can I get a prognosis for?

At the moment we have validated at field the prediction models for the following diseases: Guignardia Bidwellii – Black rot, Botrytis Cinerea – Gray rot, Plasmopara Viticola – Downy mildew, and Erisyphe Necator (Uncinula Necator) – Powdery mildew. We plan to include all future feature and model updates to our standard subscription.

Q5: Is WINESSENSE made for small or large vineyards?

WINESSENSE can be used in vineyards of any size. The user-interface of the application is optimized for vineyards between 5 and 100ha, only considering easier navigation through reports. Most of our customers are in this range, but we are interested in cooperation with larger estates too.

Q6: How many sensors do I need for my vineyard?

To evaluate the optimal number of needed sensors we check the topology of your vineyard, the distances between the plots, and NDWI/NDVI from historical satellite imagery. Our team then recommends the optimal number of sensors for your vineyard, which is normally one sensor per 1-3 hectare.

Q7: What infrastructure do I need to be able to use WINESSENSE?

No particular infrastructure is needed in your vineyard to be able to use WINESSENSE, apart from the fact that a cellular mobile network coverage is needed at least at one point in the vineyard. Our sensors are low-power devices and require no outside power source to work, and the central sensor unit is connected to your app via a mobile network. All the devices are waterproof and robust enough to withstand all weather conditions. 

Q8: What is the price of the WINESSENSE platform?

The price largely depends on the size and the topography of your vineyards, because these parameters set the number of sensors needed. The price includes the sensors, the central station, installation and support. For more details on pricing for your particular vineyard, please contact us directly at info@atfield.tech


Vukasin Pejovic

Vukasin Pejovic

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